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Alaska's Only Private
Swim School
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Swim Like A Fish Swim School

In 1979 when I was 9 years old I had my first experience with drowning.  It was a family gathering
on a warm spring day in Southern California at my grandmother’s house.  We had a pool party; all
the kids were swimming except for my 2 year old cousin, she was sick that day.

After swimming, we all went inside to eat; we were starving after a day of swimming.  We all sat
down to eat when suddenly I heard a desperate scream.  The scream of a mother, my aunt found
my 2 year old cousin floating lifeless in the water.  My dad, uncle and a few others jumped in,
pulled her out and started CPR.

It was too late.  She was gone.  Adelina Hernandez, b. March 21, 1977 d. April 8, 1979

This is the kind of experience that changes the path of a 9 year old.  This is the kind of experience
that made me passionate for a cause.   

What I do is more than teaching people to swim.  It is called drowning prevention.

I first started teaching swimming in 1986.  While teaching at other programs I saw a need for a
swim school in Alaska.  I knew I would open a swim school in Alaska some day, and in 2004 I did

Swim Like A Fish, LLC.  Alaska’s only private swim school.  We teach all ages to swim in a warm
and safe environment.  Swim Like A Fish is a private swim school and from 9am to 9pm that is
what we do, teach people to swim.  

I am a small business owner who works hard and is passionate about what I do; my goal is
simple, to teach people to swim.

Small business owners are the risk takers who show up and provide a product and service to the
community.   We are the ones who make the morning coffee, provide janitorial service, provide
clothes, appliances, fuel, haircuts, and many other products and services that have become part of
our daily lives.

Private businesses employ people and then those people pay taxes i.e. payroll, property, sales
etc.  This country needs small business.  Without small business our country would have
shortages of food, clothing, and various products and services.  Even communist countries have
allowed more private sector businesses to thrive because of shortages in products and services

Small business is essential to the Anchorage economy; just imagine your daily routine.  How
many of the places you visit are private business and how many are state/city run?  I agree that
government, state and city agencies are necessary but I also know that we should work together to
improve the quality of life for the people of this community.  

Swim Like A Fish is the type of business that makes a difference, we save lives here.  We teach
people an important skill that can save their lives.  Drowning rates are high all over the world and
in a state like Alaska if you don’t make an effort to learn how to swim then many adults grow up not
knowing the basic skills to save themselves or their children.

At Swim Like A Fish we teach people to swim.  I do it because I have seen a two year old swim to
safety and I have seen a two year old drown.  I do it for my cousin and many other victims of
accidental drowning.  I do it for the two boys in south Anchorage who fell into a frozen pond; I also
do it for a man who drowned in a lake on the Kenai Peninsula.  I believe that what I do makes a

Swim Like A Fish Swim School offers a very important service to the community and we would like
to offer this service for many more years to come.  

If you are passionate about drowning prevention and would like to help we can always use help for
facility upgrades, pool supplies and maintenance costs.

You can help by sending a check to us or by using Pay Pal below.

Swim Like A Fish, LLC
6250 Tuttle place, Suite 4
Anchorage, AK 99507

Thank you for your support, I look forward to providing this great service to our community for years
to come.

Very Humbly,

Jeannette Menchinsky
Founder/CEO Swim Like A Fish, LLC
Swim Like A Fish swim school is Alaska's only private swim school and we are the best!  Over the years
we have taught thousands to swim and we look forward to being the number one choice for generations
to come!

We teach all ages from 3 months to adults in a warm, safe environment that is ideal for swimmers of all
ages.  We are passionate about drowning prevention and our goal is to make sure all Alaskans know at
least the basics to save themselves and their loved ones.

Call us today!  907-563-3473 in Anchorage and 907-357-3573 in Wasilla.

We are a salt water facility! Swim like real fish do!

We sanitize using an innovative salt water system that’s better for pool maintenance and the safety of
our staff.  Our swimmers enjoy the soft clean water, and our facility costs are reduced. Salt water
systems are a very efficient way to keep our pool clean and safe.
Thank you for you continued support!
We are raising money for
needed facility upgrades!

Thank you for your
continued support.
Drowning Prevention isn't just for the Summer
Swim Lessons last a lifetime!
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