Alaska's Only Private
Swim School
Swim Lessons
Scheduling:  Call to schedule a lesson today!

Anchorage 907-563-3473 and Wasilla 907-357-3573

Monday through Friday 9:00 - 9:00, by appointment only.

We do not have "sessions", our program is completely individualized, you pick your days
and times and if it matches up with our openings then we set it up. You can start as early as
this week*; it's as easy as setting up an appointment. We can schedule lessons based on
your needs. You can schedule one or more per week.  Give us a call and one of our friendly
staff will be happy to go over some days and times with you. Yes! You can sign up over the
phone, it's that easy!

Adult Swim Lessons:
 Yes we teach Adults, Navy Seals, Triathletes, Fishermen, Boaters,etc.  
Group or private lessons available.

*Depending on availability.

We have an annual Enrollment fee of $35 per student. This fee must be paid at registration
and prior to the first class.

Our private (1 person) and semi private (2 people) lessons are $55 each (per person) for
thirty minutes and $25 each for a thirty minute group lesson with no more than four in a
class.  Parent participation classes could have up to 6 in a class.

We sell a minimum of 4 lessons.

Annual Enrollment Fee:  $35 per student.

Private or semi-private:  $55 per class/per student, $220 for 4 classes per student.  

Group:  $25 per class, $100 for 4 group classes per student.
(3 years old and above) up to 4 in a group.

Parent Participation Classes:  $25 per class,  $100 for 4 group classes per student.
(3 months old to 3 years old) up to 6 in a group.

Prenatal Swim Therapy classes: $10 per class/per person.

Semi Private Classes are common when you sign up two swimmers and would like them to
be the only ones in the class.

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